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Choose Your Advisor
Date : 18 December 2012

Many businesses face complicated and intense situations that need real, honest and practical solutions which can be provided by a financial/management/investment advisor(s).  To properly evaluate you advisor, you should first define the following areas of concern in the businesses.

  • Set the expectations for your relationship with the advisor.
  • Define the qualifications you should see in the advisor. 
  • Check his/her previous achievements and accomplishments. 
  • Determine if the advisor can help execute your  business strategy effectively.   

You should inquire on the following in selecting your advisor(s): 

  • His/her core competencies and relationship to your industry/activity.
  • Main achievements in the field of concern. 
  • Market reputation
  • Team associated with him/her. 

What you should expect from your advisor: 

  • Integrity 
  • Precision 
  • Confidence 

The areas where the advisor can bring value to your businesses: 

  • Set and prioritize business goals based on the business vision. 
  • Develop strategic plans.
  • Grasp opportunities in the company, industry, or market through developing the core activities of the businesses.
  • Address business challenges & obstacles and propose solutions. 
  • Enhance employee motivation and engagement.
  • Gain traction through streamlining and enhancing operations and markets 
  • Work on improving productivity and maximizing ROI 
  • Implement corporate governance to ensure proper and institutional management styles. 
  • Prepare the business for possible mergers, acquisition or buyouts.  

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